About Us


A real estate company, regardless of its size is only as good as the individual agent working for you.

The founders of Brightstone Estate Properties knew this when they formed the company in December of 2006. They set out to create a FULL-SERVICE company of trained professional agents that would provide the kind of service clients expected and deserved, but rarely received. That philosophy is reflected in their name and corporate goal, which is to provide the “Brightstone Estate Properties” services.


Brightstone Estate Properties provides “state-of-the-art” marketing program designed specifically for today’s complicated marketplace. The professionals at Brightstone know they must create an emotional interest in a home, making it stand out among others by highlighting the special features and improvements. So, in addition to the traditional prepared, wich brokers and buyers use as a guide while touring the home. These “sale people” are the seller’s guarentee that their home is being shown properly and that the price is justified.

In real estate sales, knowing the territory is vital and it’s a big job to stay on top of the market in the approximately 25 communities. But, please be assured that your Brightstone’s professional is well versed in prices, properties and trends.


The managment of Brightstone Estate Properties have demonstrated theur leadership abilities and constanly keep abreast of the ever changing real estate market. That high level of professionalism is maintained through Brightstone’s extensive agent training program.


Having been in the real estate company in Los Angeles to have all their listing on the internet, Brightstone Estate Properties is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of technological advancement for real estate sales.


Brightstone Estate Properties is a thriving, successful company, but with that success comes a responsibility to the community it serves. The people Brightstone Estate Properties have never forgotten that responsibility and regularly work to raise funds for a variety of needs.


Brightstone Estate Properties has set the standards for performance, integrity and service, by which other companies measure themselves.